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Snow Day In Olde Towne Alexandria

First real snow of the season.  

Today was the day I was suppose to be headed home southbound on Interstate 81 to a far away paradise, located in the rarified heights of the Northwest Florida Alps, called Mount Waxahatchee.  But, if you canít get to the highway, Interstate 81, you canít very well head down it.

So, the snow day became a picture taking day.  The wind blew hard and the snow blew sideways, drifting a little in some places, leaving a bare street in others.  There were a few hardly folks walking around out there and a few dogs out walking their folks.  I didnít take any pictures of them, but I probably should have.

In some of the pictures, you will see bright white spots.  That is blowing snow reflecting the light from my cameraís flash.  It is an interesting effect.  In others, youíll notice that the snow appears to be being blown sideways.  That is called ďwind driven snow.Ē

A great day in the D.C. Metro.

Please enjoy.

Here is the link.  Snow Day

The Picure Taker

UPDATE:The night of the snow storm, a few hours before I took off for Mt. Waxahatchee,, about 3am, I went up on the roof and took a few photos of the snow covered city.The skyline runs from the western extent of Washington, D.C. (George Washington U/Rossilyn/Foggy Bottom) to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge (just beyond the southern extent of D.C. and Bolling, AFB).

Look at the cloud formations.Spooky after dark photos.

The Picture Taker

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