Shenandoah Valley: Fall 2009
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2009_10_25_shenandoah_013 2009_10_25_shenandoah_014 2009_10_25_shenandoah_015 2009_10_25_shenandoah_016
The Original Pepsi Generation Easy Chair Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Little Fire Plug on the Corner
2009_10_25_shenandoah_017 2009_10_25_shenandoah_019 2009_10_25_shenandoah_019a 2009_10_25_shenandoah_020
Royal Oak Book Store (It was closed when I took this photo. They leave their product out overnight.) Old Fence, Old House, Halloween
2009_10_25_shenandoah_021 2009_10_25_shenandoah_022 2009_10_25_shenandoah_023 2009_10_25_shenandoah_024
Middle class Bikers on Parade Front Royal Town Hall Southern Mansion, Front Royal Bright Yellow, Church Parking Lot